Boston Marathon Winners

Daniel Romanchuk. (Photo from @bostonmarathon Twitter)

The 2019 Boston Marathon took place April 15, 2019. Before the race began, participants were nervous because of the heavy rainfall. Luckily for the racers, the storm passed through right before the race began.

The morning started off cloudy and gloomy, but Romanchuk’s win made him shine like the sun. This is Romanchuk’s third major marathon race. He took first place at both the New York and Chicago marathons in 2018. This was a major milestone for the 20-year-old. Not only is he the youngest to ever win this title, but he is also the first American male to win since 1993. The Urbana, Ill. native finished with a time of 1:21.36. Coming in second place for the men’s push rim division was Japan’s Masazumi Soejimawith a time of 1:24.30 and Switzerland’s Marcel Hug took third with a final time of 1:26.42.

Manuela Schär. (Photo from @bostonmarathon Twitter)

Switzerland’s Manuela Schär won the women’s push rim race for her second time with a final time of 1:34:19. Schär was over-the-moon excited to take the win this year, especially with having to drop out in 2018 due to weather conditions. Schär was also the champion in 2017. Behind her was American Tatyana McFadden, who finished second with a total time of 1:41:35 and Australian Madison De Rozario finished in third with a total time of 1:41:36.


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