Major Brand Takes on Adaptive Clothing

Tommy Hilfiger launched a new line of adaptive clothing this month for people of all ages with disabilities.


Online Exclusive posted Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – 2:38pm
The new Tommy Adaptive campaign features Paralympians, wheelchair dancers and motivational speakers. (Photo courtesy of Chelsie Hill’s Instagram, @chelsiehill)

Buttons, zippers and tight-fitting necklines can be a hassle for anyone trying to get dressed, especially if that person has a physical disability. Having to button or zip your pants can really take a toll on your morning, and Tommy Hilfiger is here to help make it easier.

In spring of 2016, Tommy Hilfiger launched a collection of clothing for children with disabilities. This year, in the spring 2018 launch, they came out with a whole new collection for any persons with a disability titled Tommy Adaptive.

“The shirts have magnets on them to make them easy to take off and close, but so do the pants,” says Chelsie Hill, who is a part of the new campaign.

Tommy Adaptive has everything from dresses to skinny jeans and shirts to jackets. Rather than having to work with small, challenging buttons, the new Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive line has shirts and pants with magnetic buttons, making it easier to get dressed for people with limited dexterity. The pants also have hidden button loops at the leg opening, allowing them to be raised up to accommodate for prosthetics or leg braces. The collection also includes easy open necklines to make slipping a shirt over your head much easier.

“My favorite items have to be the pants and the jean jacket,” Hill says. “The pants are super easy to put on and off with the magnets and where they placed them.”

Cheslie Hill wears the new Sleeveless Gingham Dress that has an elastic waist and concealed magnetic closures at the center front that appear as traditional seams. (Photo courtesy of Chelsie Hill’s Instagram, @chelsiehill)

The campaign showcased notable figures in the public eye who have disabilities, such as Hill, who founded the dance team The Rollettes, Paralympic gold medalist Jeremy Campbell, motivational speaker Mama Cax and chef Jeremiah Josey.

“I am honored to be a part of such a beautiful campaign with an amazing company that I have worn my whole life,” Hill says.

For wheelchair users, the jeans have double plackets and adjustable waist bands that make seated wear more comfortable.

Tommy Adaptive’s mission is “to be inclusive and empower people of all abilities to express themselves through fashion,” they said in a press release.

“[Everything] is made so nicely, and they really thought of everything,” says Hill.


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