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SPORTS 'N SPOKES will stop print production in 2021

SPORTS ‘N SPOKES is going digital

By Tom Fjerstad


Beginning in January 2021 Sports ‘N Spokes (SNS) magazine will have one more thing in common with many other publications in the industry; we will have gone to a totally digital format ceasing the production of an actual printed magazine.



If you are a current subscriber and do not already receive an email that looks like this, please contact us to provide your current email for continued and uninterrupted deliver of SNS.






Many things contributed to our decision to go totally digital, but I think the biggest two were the enhanced features available on the digital platform and the ease of use by those with disabilities.

Some of the features that are truly appreciated by our readers are as basic as being able to navigate through the publication with voice control software allowing the reader to turn the pages; which may be something they couldn’t physically do with a printed copy.

Increasing the font size to make reading easier without breaking out the reading glasses.  Other features expand the possibilities well beyond the printed page, embedded video and live links to websites, the ability to have the magazine read to you through your computer or smart device speakers.

This feature is especially helpful for someone with visual impairment but can be enjoyed by anyone in much the same way as an audio book. What I see as one of the big benefits of a digital Sports ‘N Spokes is being able to access years and years’ worth of issues on your device.

Issues can also be downloaded to your device for enjoyment when internet service may not be available such as when you’re on an airline flight. SNS’s first digital magazine was the September issue of 2014, I have it, and every issue since downloaded onto my iPad.

Accessing the magazine on your mobile device simply requires you to download the free SNS app from either Apple iTunes or Google play and enter your email address and password at the login screen. Your password is your customer number and can be found on the mailing label of your current print copy.

What’s more is all of these back issues become immediately available to you even if you’re a brand new subscriber to the magazine. Wow! Instant SNS library!  Want another fun feature? Your new library is searchable; want to read about the Boston Marathon?

Enter it into the search bar and every article with mention of the famous event will instantly appear for your reading pleasure.

If you have any concerns or questions about your current subscription and its transition to digital, feel free to contact at   


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  1. Very sorry to hear. I’ve been subscribing for 40 years. I only read the print version and have physically passed it on to others to get them involved in Wheelchair sports. Unfortunately, I’ll not continue to support you any more.

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