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Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay to Spotlight Everyday Heroes

Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay to Spotlight Everyday Heroes

By IPC Staff


As anticipation builds for the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics, organizers have announced that 80% of the 11,000 Torchbearers have been selected.
These everyday heroes will carry the sacred Olympic Flame on a winding journey throughout France leading up to the Games.

The diverse Torchbearers represent the spirit of the Olympics through their passion for sports, community service and French regional heritage. Notables include Benjamin, a paraplegic musician who cycled across the country; Hayet, promoting sports education in under served areas; 70-year-old extreme sports lover Marc; advocates Marie and William; and Polynesian student Ranitea advancing women’s sports.

The bearers hail from all walks of life, ages and departments of France. Though some identities will remain secret for now, they will be unveiled to the public as the Relays approach.


Spanning May 8th to July 26th, the 10,000 Olympic torchbearers will traverse over 400 towns before lighting the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony. The 1,000 Paralympic heroes will similarly embark on a four-day relay visiting 50+ cities starting August 25th to spark the Paralympic flame.

With these Relays serving as symbols of unity and persistence through adversity, the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics are sure to capture the hearts of France and fans worldwide. We can’t wait to cheer on these deserving Torchbearers as they bring the glow of athletic glory home. Their exceptional spirit shines through.

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